Artist Wyatt Waters Spotted On Pinehurst Place


Pulling out of my driveway and onto Pinehurst Place Tuesday, I spotted a welcome visitor.  Along with his paints and easel, in the median was artist Wyatt Waters.  Quickly I spun a u-turn and stopped to say hello!

Although I do not know Wyatt personally, I have met him on several occasions and am a great admirer of his talent with watercolor.

He and chef Robert St. John have collaborated on cookbooks that are as enticing visually as they are gastronomically.

I love the embellishment accompanying his autograph…

Wyatt Waters

Wyatt’s brother Joel was an instrumental part of number one son’s childhood, having coached his Little League team for many years.  I have the deepest admiration for him and was happy to pass this along to Wyatt who echoed my feelings.  The two brothers could not be more different but I have a feeling that at their deepest levels they are much alike.

Wyatt can been seen out and about with his paints and easel capturing the essence of  life in and around Jackson as well as many other sites…


here he captures one of OPP‘s favorites, as a matter of fact Mr. Doctor and I enjoyed our first date here…

Wyatt Waters artist


Wyatt Waters

My first memory of Wyatt happens to go back as far as my freshman year of college.  He and his girlfriend were often seen on campus at Mississippi College and they were “that couple” – you know the one – both were great looking and together they exuded class!  I didn’t tell him that part when we chatted Tuesday!

I love his painting of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral, my church home…

Wyatt Water's painting of St. Andrew's episcopal Cathedral

from one of his many books, Wyatt Waters Another Coat of Paint,  another favorite eatery (daughter has celebrated almost every birthday with dinner here)…

Wyatt Water's painting the Mayflower

and of course I love his rendition of Eudora Welty’s home…

Wyatt Waters painting of the Eudora Welty House


Waters has said, “You do this for yourself, but you do it to connect with people too.  And you have to have a generosity of spirit.  You have to connect with people somehow and sometimes its strange ways that make those connections.”

I enjoyed my brief visit with him talking about his brother and answering some of his questions about 807 Pinehurst Place.

Maybe I will get lucky and a painting done OPP will make its way into my collection!

I should have brought out the flower girls, I am sure he would have wanted to paint them…

jack russell terriers



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  1. patty clark says:

    Wyatt did a painting of our first home – our white poodle, Angel, is peeking out of the front window curtains! I love it – i’ll send you a photo – it’s over 30 years old. but i’m still 29!

    • says:

      Oh can’t wait to see it! You know how I feel about the puppies!!