Calligrapher Bernard Maisner

The first time I remember seeing his work was on the 7th floor at Bergdorf Goodman (my home away from home).

His motto:  “Bernard Maisner, Master Calligrapher, Defender of the Written Word.”

Bernard Maisner

Martha Stewart says his handwriting is the most beautiful she has ever seen and his clients include Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey and Sir Elton John.  I am trying to figure out how to get included in this illustrious group.

Did you know that only five states require the teaching of cursive handwriting in public elementary schools?

I, for one, am a lover of the written word and the prettier the better I say.

Mr. Maisner’s definitely fits the bill…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

He had a 25 year career creating hand-lettering for commercial advertisements.  Computer produced graphics took a toll on hand-lettering so he launched a business creating custom wedding invitations for friends.  He found himself quickly in high demand.

His hand painted stationery is beautiful…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

bookmarks can be customized…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

there are paperweights…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

these belong here OPP…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

this would be perfect for daughter…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

oh and a certain close friend may receive these as a gift…

Bernard Maisner calligrapher

according to Maisner, “Calligraphy  is not meant to reproduce something over and over again, it’s meant to show the humanity, the responsiveness and variation within.”

we certainly hope that calligraphy is around forever…

dog stamp

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  1. I loved learning about Mr Maisner!

  2. I loved learning about Mr Maisner!

  3. Mary Lou Lowe says:

    Loved learning about this man! I adore Calligraphy!

  4. So many beautiful art forms are falling by the wayside with computers and automation. But the true value in anything is the love and passion that hcomes from the artist’s heart. I, too, love calligraphy. And I also think of quilts. Machine-made quilts or commercial quilts can be beautiful. But there is nothing so lovely as a hand-stitched quilt and thinking of the time and effort and maybe laughter and fellowship shared while placing each and every stitch. I have some fond memories myself of this in years past. Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist’s work.

    • says:

      You are so right about the quilting. That is something that I have never tried but I have quilts that my grandmothers made and I cherish them so because of the knowledge that each stitch was made with their hands!