A Memorial to Eudora Welty

I always enjoy reading my neighbors blog…

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Editor, writer and photographer, Jesse Yancy lives in Jackson and is the caretaker of the corner garden at Peachtree and Poplar.

I wrote about the pretty little garden tended by a neighbor here before I became acquainted with Jesse.

It turns out we have roots in the same north Mississippi town of Bruce – as they say, it is a small world!  There is a Weyerhauser plant there where they develop innovative forest products and thus the moniker…


if only it had been true!…


 At any rate, Jesse posted this memorial to Miss Welty a week or so ago.

 I had read it but it had been a while and so I thoroughly enjoyed it all over again.

 Written by my friend and Miss Welty’s biographer, Suzanne Marrs, it was read at her memorial service on July 26, 2001.

I hope you will click over to Jesse’s blog for his post on Eudora Welty’s Memorial and meet another Mississippi writer…


 The portrait of Miss Welty in the featured image is by Jenny Hall Art

 Click over to her website and see her new portrait of William Faulkner!

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