A Memorial

Good Sunday morning to all of you.  Today’s post is a simple memorial to my friend Mark whose untimely death has come as such a shock and brought much sadness here OPP.

Our friendship was forged in the bleachers of High School sporting events as we each watched our number two sons participating in whatever sport was in season.  In more recent years we met with a special group of friends for dinner and a visit once a month calling ourselves Diner’s Club.

I don’t think I ever posted a picture from my garden to instagram that he was not one of the first, if not the very first, to click the like button.

Here are some of today’s photos from the garden…

garden on Pinehurst Place

I don’t suppose that I will ever post another one that I do not think about him and his love for life…

garden on Pinehurst Place

He was a gentle, kind, caring, compassionate man whose love for family and friends was the bedrock of his life.  Each time I saw him one of the first things he did was to ask after my number two and tell me to make sure to send his regards.  He was selfless and spiritual and gave of himself to his community.   He was a lover of all things growing and we enjoyed many conversations about our plant choices.

This one’s for you Mark…

garden on Pinehurst Place

you will be sorely missed…

dog sunset

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  1. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    Beautifully expressed, heartfelt tribute…Praying for comfort and peace for his family and friends in the midst of this earthly sorrow.

  2. Susan McNamara says:

    Marsha, this is a lovely way to honor such a sweet soul. Mark will be missed by many. I am praying for his family and friends.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Thank you Susan. He will indeed be missed but leaves such legacy in his family.

  3. Lee Threadgill says:

    Beautiful tribute Marsha- you expressed so well what many of us are thinking- he was the same way about our band- always interested and one of our earliest supporters- I’m sure many others have been impacted by Mark, and we are all grieving for his precious family.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Yes Lee, he was such a selfless person – always interested and supportive of others. We will miss him so.

  4. What a touching tribute to a wonderful friend. Praying for God’s comfort for his family and yours.

  5. Lisa Markham says:

    Marsha, these are most tender and touching words. They simply and elegantly describe Mark and his love for his family and his genuine kindness to all he met.
    He will be so very, very missed.

  6. Sandy McKellar says:

    Such a sweet, kind memorial. So very sad!