This And That From The Weekend

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a weekend here OPP.  Thanks for bearing with me through some busy and difficult days.  I had my parents here at the end of the week for some medical attention and enjoyed the visit but it was just a little worrisome finding out about what is ailing my dad.  Good news on that front with excellent medical care and they are back for one more test today.

Took a little break yesterday afternoon and met a friend at the movies…


This movie has not received rave reviews but I am in total disagreement – I loved it!  Maybe I just really needed a break or maybe it was really a good film!  The music was, of course, great and the story is worth the watch!

If you follow along with me you will already know that I am mourning the untimely death of a friend.  I had volunteered to bring a meal for the family and find that the simple acts of planning, shopping, cooking and delivering in some way help to ease my sense of grief.  The thought and action in some way help to ease the pain of loss.  At any rate, chicken pot pie is my go-to as it is a definite comfort food to me and I was able to do an assembly line and have enough for serving my parents last night as they were driving in for the next medical test today.

Included a little vase of flowers for my friends and delivered some comfort food…


If you know me then you know that I always find comfort in my garden.  Had a little “fish time”this morning…


found a new dahlia bud opening…


and am so excited for my first “Queen Elizabeth” bloom…


through all the experiences of this life I try to keep on finding a reason to sing…


Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    YOU, dear Marsha, make us, your readers, sing – with every WONDERFUL post you offer. Your generosity and willingness to share what’s in your heart is a most wonderful and selfless gift you give us daily. THANK YOU.
    (And now I MUST go make a chicken pot pie!) (Also, prayers for your Dad’s health being said.)

    • says:

      Thank you Leslie! I get so much support from all of you – go make that chicken pot pie! Thanks for keeping my Dad in your prayers!

  2. Sandy McKellar says:

    Sorry for loss of your friend. Praying for family and you. Praying your dad’s health issues will have a good resolution. Love your blog.

  3. Lindy King Penny says:

    Marsha, I am also so sorry about the loss of your friend. I hope your Dad has good test results. Please share your chicken pot pie recipe, if it isn’t a secret! I have a pretty good recipe, but I bet it is not as good as yours!!!

    • says:

      Thanks Lindy! I am happy to share the recipe. Have not forgotten your leaf dish and will put recipe in with it. One more test for Daddy today and then we should know something.

  4. The comfort of comfort food brought by a friend and a little sunshine of flowers…a gift from God. Still praying for you and your friends.

  5. …and also praying for your dad.

    • says:

      Thanks for your prayers. We found out that Daddy has atrial fibrillation. He will take a new medicine for three weeks and then return for a procedure called cardioversion, a shock that will hopefully have his heart working again. I appreciate you keeping him in your prayers.