Bell ‘Occhio


If Martha Stewart says it – it must be so – right?  Well, Martha once proclaimed Bell’occhio to be her “favorite tiny shop for creative things in San Francisco.”

please take me there…

Bell 'Occhio

Claudia Schwartz opened Bell’occhio, a shop selling everything from antique stamped French letters to homemade caramels to ribbons to jewelry…

Bell 'Occhio


she was born in Bogota, Colombia, to her Columbian mother and American father – I just know I want to be friends with her…



 Ms. Schwartz attended art school at UC Santa Cruz and also had a stint working at a shop in Sausalito which specialized in fine ribbons and buttons – two of my favorites!  One of her jobs there was to scatter birdseed in the mornings – she told a reporter at SFGate that “it smelled of bread, there were birds, it was really quite charming.”  No doubt!

Bell’occhio was originally run out of her home – the shop on Brady Street opened in 1988.

Whether you’re a colorful cockatoo or a spare sparrow, your nest will benefit from these fine feathers in our cap, including handmade boxes, task-specific brushes, oilcloth, hampers, and seasonal novelties. Find out why modern birds are migrating West!

I would love to migrate west to see this special shop…

Bell Occhio

adore these boxes…

Bell Occhio

beautiful calligraphy, ribbons and strings…

Bell Occhio

If I were headed to San Francisco this would definitely be on my list – for now I satisfy myself with browsing the wonderful website.


belle (beautiful) occhio (eye)…

dog with beautiful eyes

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  1. Susan Haltom says:

    Oh my I love this place too! The link has been on my favorites bar for some time, and I have ordered some darling boxes and tags from them. There are all sorts of lovely notions, sewing supplies, ribbons, faux bois, little animals, kitchen tools and on and on. I love the blackboard oilcloth. Fun!

    • says:

      I love everything about it! Would definitely have it on my to do list if I found myself in San Francisco!