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I found this post in my draft box yesterday – had completely forgotten writing it!  Things are a little upside down this week On Pinehurst Place – we thought my dad was coming for an outpatient procedure on Tuesday morning but it turns out he needed to stay in the hospital for a couple of days prior to  having the procedure done.  Number two son has headed back to Maine and so things around the house are quiet – there is always a hole after they leave!

Anyway, this was written after I had been up to see my parents for Father’s Day last year and is a happy memory – hope you enjoy it!

While visiting my parents this weekend I was able to enjoy some time with them reminiscing and talking about the origins of many of the items that they have collected through the years.  Retirement and downsizing a house presented a new opportunity for display.  Mr. Doctor, brother and I spent a few days while my parents were on a trip painting, hanging wallpaper and creating vignettes with their collection.

here is the living room…


The painting on the right, above the lamp, was painted by an Israeli tour guide’s daughter.  My parents used to lead tours to Israel and had a special friendship with the Israeli guide they employed.  The clock above the painting was brought back from Germany, my father was stationed there after World War II,  as a gift for my grandmother…


Mr. Doctor hung the wallpaper in the dining room.


I fashioned the skirted table and the needlepoint on the wall is one of a pair completed by my mother years ago.

It was so nice to spend Father’s Day with my parents and

I enjoyed the little stroll down memory lane…

dog walking

Have a terrific day!

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  1. Karan York says:

    Loved reading this early this morning. I had just finished the news about the conflict in Israel. It was nice to read a bit about your parents’ experience there and think of better times.

  2. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    So sweet…LOVE the skirt! What lucky parents you have and how lucky they are to have YOU for their daughter! (P.S. Please send Mr. Doctor right over to my house to put up new wallpaper in my bathroom!!!!! HaHa!)

    • says:

      That was the last time he hung any wallpaper! It was something he did for summer jobs during college and I think his papering days are over!

  3. Lawana McLennan says:

    So sweet, Marsha.

  4. Mary Lou Lowe says:

    Marsha, I will certainly keep your father and your family in my prayers this evening. Healing, Healthy, and Happy Thought to all!

    • says:

      Thanks so much Mary Lou. Thankfully he is on the mend and I hope to get him home today!