Fences on Friday

One of my dear readers sent me these photos of a fence she spotted while on a trip out west.

The family set out to celebrate the patriarch’s birthday with a two week journey through Wyoming and South Dakota.  She told me that the population here at the turn of the century (during the gold rush) was more than 7000 and now is only a bit over 300.

Thus the volume of old mining tools looking for a new life is immense.

This shopkeeper came up with a clever way to display his old tools…

fence made of old mining tools

I expect creating it was kind of like putting together a puzzle…

fence made of old mining tools

we are all for repurposing here OPP…

fence made of old mining tools

As you read this Mr. Doctor and I along with another couple are headed for Italy!

My first visit there and I cannot wait to see it and share it with you!

stay tuned…

dog at colsseum

thanks Susan for the pics!

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  1. loicka hodges says:

    Have a wonderful time in Italy!

  2. Love the blog today! Have a fabulous time in Italy!!!! Take lots of pics!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!