This and That from Italy

If you follow along here then you may already know that I am off on a trip getting to know Italy!

my first stop – The Vatican…


The scaled model above gave me a sense of how big Vatican City really is but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of this place…

the balcony I have seen so often via television…

St. Peter's Basilica

A view out into the garden…


The sun shining through the windows in St. Peter’s Basilica is breathtaking…


Coliseum Rome

I unwisely chose to travel without my laptop and am dealing with some technical issues!  Perhaps I will come home with a better working relationship with my iPad but the jury is still out on that!  Just wanted to touch base with you all in real time and give a glimpse into what I am experiencing.  Thanks so much,as always, for following along here!  More and better photos to come, I promise!

Dog at Vatican

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  1. Ingrid taylor says:

    Keep it coming!!,

  2. Leslie Dement Cox says:

    WOW! Again, WOW!
    (I was only 15 yrs old when I saw St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time – breathtaking is the perfect description.)
    First thing I thought of when I awoke this morning was “wonder what our EYES ON THE WORLD, that would be YOU, is seeing right now?” Hope today is “head-spinning” wonderful and even more beautiful than yesterday!!!
    Addio per ora e hanno una splendida serata!!!

    • says:

      Having an unbelievable time! Loving everything Italian! In Firenze tonight and cannot believe this is real!

  3. Mary Lou Lowe says:

    Love all your photos! And the one of Pope Francis with the Blind Man and his Seeing Eye Dog is very touching! Safe Journey! Bella Italia!

  4. Simply gorgeous! Have fun!