A Magnolia Goes to Maine

Here is the latest installment in A Magnolia Goes to Maine!

If you follow along here OPP then you will know that one of the “flower girls”, Maggie, has gone to live with her rightful owner (number two son) up in Maine.  Many of you have so nicely asked me how she is doing and whether she is happy in the frigid north.  I thought you might like to see for yourselves how a southern belle is handling it up there.

Looks like she is making friends…


um, is that a cat?…


not so sure about the chickens though…


She is obviously happy but we still miss her here OPP

Cammie and Maggie

Can’t believe it is Advent!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. sally randall says:

    so cute!

  2. Debbie Cannon says:

    Love it!