I Have This Little Hobby

A couple of years ago an article in Traditional Home caught my eye and ever since I have had this little hobby!

New York based designer Benjamin Bradley was featured with the Christmas ornaments he makes using vintage cards from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.  Something about the process and his creations stirred an interest in me and I had to give it a try.  Ever since, I have been whiling away some spare time cutting and glueing, searching for vintage cards and pretty trims and basically just giving voice to a bit of creativity of my own.

I like to use torn tissue paper as a colorful base on whatever type of blank shape I can find.  From there I search through stacks of vintage cards that I have scouted out in flea markets and on E Bay.  My scissors snip away and a design is born…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

I have discovered the most beautiful German Dresden trims and love using them to embellish my designs…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

the cone shaped ornaments I cut, roll and glue from gold poster paper…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

recently I even used a “save the date” card from a wedding and created a keepsake for the couple…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

the disc shaped papier mache pieces are fun to work with…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

it is so much fun when I find a card that perfectly fits a shape…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

 many of these cards feature bells which are so pretty and festive…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

and I like them on the sheet music background…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

love these happy faces…

Camellia and Company Christmas Ornaments

 I am having a little adventure this week with two friends…

bobbles_bottles_boats_barns-2 copy

One friend paints and the other creates the most festive lighted bottles and now you know that I make these little baubles!

I’d love to see any of you there tomorrow and invite you to bring along a friend!

As my friend says – “It’s just plain fun!”

I am calling this venture Camellia & Company, inspired  by a certain flower girl…

Page 3

We’ll see where it goes…

Page 1

Thanks to my friend Missy at MADdesign for the graphic assistance!

click here to visit her website

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  1. Marsha… I love these ornaments. They are so pretty! I bet you will sell a lot of them. Enjoy your week!

  2. Gayle Royals says:

    Marsha, You are so talented and creative! Wish I lived closer so I could be there!

  3. How fun and creative! Hope you all have a great time.

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! I have often considered doing something like this with my children’s Christmas pictures (they are long grown), but have I done it! Nope!!
    Do you purchase the egg bases? Lovely!!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Thanks so much! Yes I do purchase the ornament shapes wherever I can find them. Some are styrofoam and others are paper mache. I like working with the paper ones better but they are harder to find. I am always on the lookout for them and have even used some plastic ones. The idea to use the children’s pictures is great. I would suggest scanning them and printing on 26 lb paper which will take the glue and mold better than an actual photo! Good luck and let me know if you give it a try!

  5. Malinda Warren says:

    These are Beautiful ! I’m so sad I missed the first showing but hope I’ll be able to see them (and shop!) another time soon ??

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      I hope so too Malinda, I will be sure to let you know when I show again. Lots of people were interested in Easter so probably will try to get that together! Thanks so much fore reading along.