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I stumbled upon a wonderful embroidery website and the more I dug around the more intrigued I became…

huger embroidery2

Sarah Gibson Wiley, owner of her own design firm for some 25 plus years, began her embroidery endeavor with her young daughter.  When the daughter wanted to make a little money as a teenager the two came up with the idea of embroidery, as in monograms for sheets and towels.  Somewhere along the way, Sarah put her artistic skills to work preserving memories and you know how I feel about that!

Huger Embroidery turns personal mementos, such as children’s artwork and home portraits, into custom pieces of artwork by embroidering designs onto pillows and linens.

love the children’s artwork…

huger embroidery1

and home portraits…

huger embroidery

here’s one for my equestrian friends…

huger embroidery3

Now, here’s the part of her story that really grabbed me!  She comes from a most artistic family, her grandfather is Charles Dana Gibson.  You know, the illustrator who came up with the Gibson Girl back in the 1920s.  If you know anything about that family then you will realize that this makes the inimitable Nancy Lancaster, who ran Colefax and Fowler, her great aunt.  Oh, and by the way, that would be her sister Dana Gibson whose home accessories collection is most well known.

Her creative process includes using designer fabrics and appliqué combined with pattern and machine embroidery to create her personalized prized possessions.

You know how it is with me, I am always looking for a dog lover and I was not disappointed here…

huger embroidery7

we also loved a Lucy here OPP…

huger embroidery6

but she was of this variety…


click here to go to her website

I hope your Friday is fabulous!

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  1. Thanks Marsha for the shout out!! I have so much fun making these pillows!!!

    • says:

      Hello and thanks for dropping by! I love the pillows but the story behind the idea is my favorite!

  2. The children’s art work is really good. They have shown their creativity in the designs. I also use StumbleUpon to find new designs and art work for my projects.

    • says:

      I love the designs too and was so glad I stumbled upon her work! Thanks for reading along!

  3. Sarah is such an incredible talent and generous lady. What a great post about her and her distinctive offerings.

    • says:

      I am trying to decide which picture I want to use to have her make a pillow for me! Tough decision! I love your blog by the way, just found you a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying all your posts…