I have always been able to get motivated by inspirational quotes!

Several years ago, when number one son was away at boarding school, I sent him a note each day with an inspirational quote included.  I don’t know if it helped him nearly as much as it did me!

Anyway, I was clicking through one of  my pinterest boards where I like to collect quotes and came across this…

Our flower of the month right there to inspire!

So scroll on down and I hope you too are inspired…

January quote1

January quote7

quote January

it took me a long time to figure this out…

January quote 5

you know I like to wander and so I was happy to see this…

January quotes6

and seriously…

January quote8

and here’s the key…

January quote3

since I am committed to becoming better acquainted with Ms. Wharton in 2015 this one is appropriate…



my dog Camellia definitely does…


Happy Sunday!

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  1. Great inspiration, Marsha. Have you seen the blog Live Life Happy? It gives an inspirational quote a day. Hope your week is full of inspiration!

    • says:

      No but I headed right over and that is definitely one worth following. I loved it! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Ingrid taylor says:

      That was what I needed, thank you Marsha for writing to me today and everyday, you are a Joy to know !!,,and to Read!!!! Love ya, Ingrid

  2. Kandy Sims says:

    Love, love love these!!!

  3. sally randall says:

    love this ! thanks!

  4. You are an inspiration yourself, Marsha. Love them all so keep them coming!

  5. Gayle Royals says:

    Marsha, these quotes are just what I needed to hear /see today! Thanks so much for posting them. The Tolkien quote is one of my favorites of all time. Thanks for making the world a little brighter on a cold and rainy day!

  6. Love all the quotes!!! Ms. Wharton is a very good friend of mine!!!!