Churchill The Artist

I am smack dab in the middle of listening to The Churchills on Audible and one of the things I am intrigued by is Winston Churchill as an artist.  I knew that he had painted but did not know anything specific about his pastime.  He did not pick up painting until he was about 40 years old and it played a pretty important role in his life after that.  Churchill suffered from depression which he referred to as his “black dog” and painting helped him conquer the episodes.

There is a great story about one of his paintings, Windlesham Moor, which was kept in an attic for some 30 years because its owner did not like it!

it was painted around 1934…


Churchill gave the painting to Baron Stephen Taylor, his wartime director of Home Intelligence, who passed it along to his secretary as a gift.  Apparently she did not really know what she had and gave it to her son who wrapped it up and stored it in his attic because he disliked it!  The painting was unsigned, as were many of Churchill’s paintings, since he did not consider himself a “real” artist.  The detective work was done, the painting was proven to be one of Churchill’s and the gent sold the painting that he disliked so much!

Oh, and Windlesham Moor was the first home of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip!  Maybe they bought the painting!

Here is a painting of Chartwell House…


the home Churchill bought before telling Clemmie.

The house was originally a hunting lodge and legend has it that King Henry VIII stayed there during his courtship of Anne Boleyn whose home was the nearby Hever Castle.

 He painted Villa on the Nivelle, his first painting after the war…


during the time between the general election in July 1945 and the announcement of the result – his unexpected defeat.

To discover Churchill, the artist, is to come to understand the man on a completely different level.

Churchill and Rufus at Chartwell…

Churchill and Rufus

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  1. Wow…something I don’t think I knew about Winston Churchill…interesting and wonderful art.

  2. Ingrid taylor says:

    I wish I had known all this before I went to England last year, sounds like you are brewing up a new trip,tell me about those tapes??

    • says:

      Yes, a new trip is just the ticket! With Audible you download the book to your computer/ipad/phone and I listen to mine with my Bose speaker – it bluetooths. Wow that sounded like I really know a lot about technology lol!

  3. Leslie Cox says:

    Fascinating … I really love the Nivelle one – can almost smell the water …

    • says:

      What really gets me about that one is knowing that he was waiting for the election result as he was painting…