The Imitation Game

Mr. Doctor and I slipped off to the theater yesterday to see The Imitation Game – I had been waiting very impatiently for the film to finally make its way to our hometown.

The release date here…

imitation game

is far from reality for Jackson!

Anyway, I had been eagerly awaiting the film and it did not disappoint…


When the Oscar nominees are announced I always get in high gear trying to see everything before the awards.

I loved this movie…

imitation game1

especially the prehistoric “computer”…


It really ended up being a very timely watch for me, what with me being all immersed in everything Churchill!

It would be a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon…

dog in movie

If you go, let me know!

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  1. I also want to see this movie…saw the trailer when i went to see Unbroken…definitely on my list.

    • says:

      I read Unbroken and loved it but have been going back and forth over whether I can watch it. I guess I need to just quit thinking about it and go! You will love The Imitation Game I predict!

  2. This movie is my favorite of the awards season. The acting is superb and it is a little known aspect of WW2. I left the theater feeling so sad that he died the way that he did, and was left wondering what amazing technology he might have invented if he’d lived a full life. As far as Unbroken, the book was wonderful but it made me angry that a crew was sent up in an unsafe plane! Ugh…how terrible. The movie was good but it ended before Louie had to battle through PTSD and ultimately turn his life around through his faith.

    • says:

      I agree with you, Imitation Game was such an incredible story and how terrible it was for his life to end. There is no telling what else he would have accomplished not to mention that he should have had the opportunity to live out his life on his own terms.