Dan Marty

I have always admired designer Dan Marty’s style.  It has been a while since I have seen any of his work in the shelter publications  I devour on a regular basis though.  A monumental task here OPP is going through the stacks of magazines and playing trash or treasure.  Sometimes I will perform a “great tear out” and file images away by category and other times I just stack and stash.  Anyway,  I was in the middle of a stack and stash this weekend when I ran across the May 2010 edition of House Beautiful – “The Advice Issue” and there was my old friend Dan Marty…

dan marty10

I could always count on him to incorporate the beloved antlers…

union jack chair dan marty

since they were allowed on the furniture I knew he had a soft spot for the furry friends…

dan marty's store

love a gallery wall…

dan marty22

I think he was influential in moving sackcloth to the forefront in design…

dan marty13

I admired the incorporation of the deconstructed chairs…

Dan Marty House Beautiful

especially with the union jack…


this kitchen speaks to  me…

dan marty12

dan marty11

such a talent – with a furry four legged assistant welcome to lounge in his living room…

dan marty

I’d love to know where he is hiding…

images from House Beautiful, World of Interiors and Pinterest

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  1. sally randall says:

    love all and especially love the clever fan exhaust over the stove.thanks for sharing

  2. Ingrid taylor says:

    Marsha, I can’t believe what you wrote about today, since Jan1, instead of losing weight like I need to,I have been shedding magazines. I took my dining room and LR and stacked them in years, I think I had 2000, bought some binders and have been tearing out sorting, recipes,gardens, and house stuff, it has taken me so long and I am still not thru but my goal is Feb I, my children kept telling me ther were taking over!!,I feel your pain too, Timmy doesn’t understand why I can’t just pitch and let go, he says now you have a computer and you can look up but it’s not the same as flipping thru!!!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      We probably have the exact same magazines in our stashes/stacks/folders! I agree with you, there is something about the actual picture that makes me want to hold onto magazines! Good luck!

  3. Leslie Cox says:

    I MUST have some Dan Marty DNA in me somehow … this is so “my style” … LOVE LOVE LOVE it all, especially the deconstructed chairs and the black table and armoire … and the rugs sewn together in the big gallery wall room … YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY … and it’s complete with the furry friend on the chair … thanks so so so for sharing this … and yes, TO WHERE HAS HE VANISHED ? … I’m off on another search/adventure due to Y-O-U and I thank you! 🙂

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Same over here! Let me know if any of your detective works turns up more than mine has. He seems to have simply vanished 🙁

  4. I’m with y’all Marsha and Ingrid as far as the stack/stash/trash thing goes!!! Love the blog today!!! Great pics! Maybe I should have said Great Stash today!

  5. mnestorc@aol.com says:

    Number One son opened up a cabinet here yesterday when a friend asked what was in it – they were amazed. Stacks of stashes of magazines!