A Beautiful Blizzard Update

Number two son has been battling the blizzard up in Portland, Maine this week and I have been paying particular attention to all of the images I see coming from there.

The best by far are Benjamin Williamson’s photographs that I see on Facebook every day.  I introduced you to him in a post a while back click here if you missed that

I hope you enjoy these amazing pictures as much as I have!

sunset at Lookout Point…

Benjamin Williamson photography

cars buried under snowdrifts in Deering Oaks…

Benjamin Williamson photography

a walker enjoying the wonder in Deering Oaks…

Benjamin Williamson photography

a man in yellow overalls sums it up…

Benjamin Williamson photography

snowplowing in front of Harbor Fish Market…

Benjamin Williamson photography

upper Exchange Street buried…

Benjamin Williamson photography

and this may be my favorite…

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

his caption is “still waiting for that attendant”…

Benjamin Williamson photography

find him on Facebook

visit his website

you’ll be glad you did!

Oh, and number two son keeps letting me know how much Maggie likes the snow…


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  1. Great pics!! I find that snow is a lot more beautiful from afar… Have a great weekend, Marsha!

  2. Beautiful photos…I agree with Katie…enjoying the snow from afar is so much nicer.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      I feel certain that you are both right! I will be getting a taste of it next month when I visit number two son in Maine I am sure!

  3. Gayle Royals says:

    Beautiful photos! I hope Fulton and Maggie are staying warm!