Cuban Flavor

One of the things I enjoyed while visiting Key West last week was discovering a bit of Cuban flavor at El Siboney…

  Siboney (or Ciboney) doesn't have a translation. It was the name of a native people of the Caribbean

The only thing missing in the photo above are all of the chickens clucking around the parking lot.  One rooster and a hen were having quite a loud row while we waited!

A bit of discussion at our table involved curiosity over the name El Siboney, none of us were sure of the meaning and so I paid visit to google to find out..

  Siboney (or Ciboney) doesn’t have a translation. It was the name of a native people of the Caribbean.

I was betting on a native connection…


I ordered the picadillo – a ground beef dish that was new to me – and loved it.

I slipped up and didn’t get a photo but found one over at…

I couldn’t wait to get home and try this for myself.

It was easy and delicious…


the yellow rice and black beans are perfect companions…


I found the recipe that I used here

I am loving a little Cuban flavor…


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  1. YUM! Looks fabulous and I have printed out the recipe. I look forward to trying it as it will be a totally new dish for me. Sounds like your trip was fun!

    • says:

      It was easy and delicious. I pressed the rice into a cup to give it a shape and then spooned the black beans into the center of the rice. I think it would be fun for a supper club! Let me know how you like it.