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You may remember reading about my visit to Prospect Hill Plantation (Click here if you missed it) back in the spring of 2014…

Prospect Hill Plantation

 While I was there I met the author of the historical novel, Burning Prospects. I had already purchased her book but failed to bring it along with me to the open house to have it autographed.  I was happy to receive a signed copy of her book later in the summer and agreed to give you a heads up about it.

I enjoy reading historical fiction and this book did not disappoint.  Based on events from the lives of those who lived here, I was quickly drawn into the drama surrounding a group of slaves whose owner left a directive in his will that they be freed upon his death.  Captain Isaac Ross, a Revolutionary War veteran, built his wealth and prominence through slave labor.  Upon his death his estate was to be used to provide for the passage of his slaves to Liberia.  I learned a lot about the colonization movement while devouring this tale.

Here is the twist, Isaac’s daughter Jane and his grandson Isaac fought the will for years in the courts.  After nine years of battling, the family home is burned, and lives are lost.

The author, Melissa Miles, is a descendent of both the Ross and Wade families and she tells the story from both slave and slaveholders perspective…

Burning Prospects

Melissa Miles grew up all around the Southeast as a “red-headed preacher’s kid” so she says it is hard to hurt her feelings! Her  Bachelor of Science in Nursing was earned at The Medical University of South Carolina in the beautiful city of Charleston. She worked as a neonatal and pediatric ICU nurse in Charleston and Atlanta before taking some time off to be a full time mom. She found herself living in Germany where she earned her Masters Degree in Education.  Melissa taught school for 5 years, both in Germany and back in Georgia.

She is following her passion and pursuing a life long dream – writing!  Burning Prospects is her second book, the first, 
 This She’ll Defend, was inspired by events and experiences she and her family had while living in Germany.  I have not read the first book yet but so enjoyed her writing that it is on the bookshelf here OPP.  Melissa hopes to have many more novels on the way, including some for young readers.

Currently living in Georgia, Melissa is a proud mom to two young adults.

If you are so inclined, Jessica Crawford of The Archeological Conservancy, will be at PHP this coming Saturday (the 14th) to do a bit of clean up.  This will not be an open house with all the fanfare but the gate will be open for folks who would like to take a look around, offer a helping hand or take photographs.

Click here to visit the Facebook page where you can find information and directions.

oh, and you can meet the solitary resident…


peacock Isaac at Prospect Hill

he puts on quite a show…

Isaac the peacock at Prospect Hill

Burning Prospects is recommended reading from OPP…

puppies reading



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  1. Marsha… Thanks for the book tip. I absolutely love historical fiction. Have a great weekend!

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      Hope you have a great weekend too Katie. The book is well worth the read, hope you enjoy it!

  2. I am thrilled that you enjoyed Burning Prospects! Thank you so much for the beautiful comments. Your blog is absolutely lovely.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      You are so welcome and thank you so much for the book! I hope I run into you again at PHP sometime. Good luck with your writing and keep me posted on any new books you have coming out!

  3. Rachell Knapps says:

    Great write up! Thank you. We have purchased the book, I’m just waiting for my husband to finish it so I can read it.