Hello March


hello march

I was listening to the news at noon yesterday and heard that March is National Peanut Month – who knew?

It kind of got me wondering about what else March has going for it!

The month is named after Mars, the Roman god of war.  They say this is probably because the Roman battle season started in spring.  The Old English version of the month’s moniker is Hlyda, which means loud – as in the winds are so loud!

you know I love a quote…


Frederick March, the actor, won two Oscars for Best Actor – one in 1932 and one in 1946.  In 1924 he changed his name.  Formerly Frederick Bickel, his New Year’s greeting was…

“This is 1924,

I won’t be Bickel any more;

Fredric March is now my name,

Wishing everyone the same,

 Happy New Year.”

In the UK March is National Bed Month, in the USA…


march kidney cancer

march colon cancer


wow, busy month, huh?

not to mention the…

luckotheirish march

here in the deep south the month of March surely came in like a…

dog lion

witness my back yard covered in ice this morning…

ice in March in Jackson MS

here’s hoping it goes out like a…

dog sheep


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