Irving & Morrison

I was thrilled to see designer Penny Morrison’s home in the April issue of Elle Decor.

I knew loved her work when I saw photos of Jemma Kidd’s home a while back…

Irving & Morrison8

those lampshades have been in my head for months and so I was thrilled to find her teamed up  with Carolina Irving

– Irving & Morrison –

Irving &  Morrison7

offering a pleasing palate of furnishings and accessories

I would love to while away a day at the shop in London…

Irving & Morrison2

Irving & Morrison7

you know how much I love a library/dining room and Carolina Irving agrees…

Irving & Morrison1

love, love, love the chandelier…

Irving & Morrison6

the fabrics are fabulous…

Irving & Morrison

and about those lamp shades…

Irving & Morrison4

Irving & Morrison3

would definitely like to welcome some of those to make a home here OPP…

Irving & Morrison5

oh, and Penny, her pooch and hubby would be welcome anytime too…

Penny Morrison in Elle Decor

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  1. Leslie Cox says:

    This has me “salivating”!!!
    (LOVED the typeset post, too. It was so special to me, and brought back so many memories, as my father was co-owner, with his two brothers, of the 5th generation business, Dement Printing Co. in Meridian. On a recent “cousins trip” to Destin this past week, one cousin’s gift to each of us was a set of our individual initials in typeset letters that were actually used in our fathers’ business!)
    As always, thank you for “carrying us along” as you explore all the wonderful things to see and know in this grand world!!!

    • says:

      Thanks for sharing that special family story with me Leslie. I am drawn to the printed word as you know and I think that the gift of your initials was such a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. I seriously am going to get some of these lampshades!!!