Wedding Cake Toppers

A friend of mine is planning a bridesmaid luncheon and so we have been comparing notes – which led me to the topic of wedding cake toppers!

I don’t see the iconic bride and groom wedding cake toppers at the weddings I am attending these days.  Mostly I see fresh flowers or sugar flowers adorning cakes but I do love the toppers where the groom is in a tuxedo and the bride is wearing a traditional white wedding dress and usually the pair are standing under an arch of some sort.  I have been thinking that these are nostalgic but not so fast…

wedding cake topper etsy

lollipop workshop on etsy

do you know about custom wedding cake toppers?

let me tell you, there is a market out there for these…

wedding cake toppers


look at this one with the photos of bride and groom…





I gave a bridesmaid luncheon last year and borrowed a friend’s wedding cake topper to use in a flower arrangement.

so sweet…

wedding cake toppers

not long after that I spotted one in an old stuff/junk  shop and decided that it was just the thing to add to my collection (just in case I needed it for some occasion)…

wedding cake toppers

daughter was not very amused…

well anyway, it turns out that you can customize your wedding cake topper to tell your story via the top layer of your cake…

wedding cake toppers

I had flowers on my wedding cake.

did you have a wedding cake topper?

I love that most of the ones I found included the couple’s best friend…

wedding cake toppers

or the bride’s best friend…

wedding cake toppers

or both the bride and the groom’s best friend…

wedding cake toppers

or multiples…

wedding cake toppers

what do you think?

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  1. karan york says:

    Marsha, when I moved my in- laws from independent to assisted living at St. Catherine’s I found their 60 year old wedding cake topper wrapped in tissue in a drawer—-a treasure! Our oldest son, Beau, and his wife used it at their wedding the following year. Loved it!! It’s traditional and seems to be made of a clay like material.
    BTW—I also found a gun in the same dresser! A little scary, especially when my MIL exclaimed, “Oh, FaFa has been looking for that!” The mover made sure it wasn’t loaded.

    • says:

      I love this story Karan! So happy that the gun was not loaded also! Their topper is beautiful and I love that your Beau wanted to use it for his wedding thus creating a wonderful tradition that can be carried forward for many more generations.

  2. How clever! Love them.

  3. Kandy Sims says:

    Hilarious!! I like ours the best!!

  4. Chris Murphree Andrews says:

    i used my parents’ topper on my wedding cake. I am extremely sentimental and since they had both passed away whenI got married, I tried to use as many things as I could of theirs to feel them close. I used their cut work table cloth an candlesticks from Italy that a cousin had brought my Mother. My Dad’s baby brother walked me down the aisle and our reception was at the Peabody in Memphis. A bunch of my cousins stayed for the week-end and we enjoyed the ducks every day. Ate at Rendevous and Spaghetti Warehouse and danced every night. It was fun!!!! The trip back to Greenwood wasn’t much fun because of the ice and snow. The two hour max on I 55 took us almost 6 hours!

    • says:

      I love your story and think that it makes for a much more meaningful event to incorporate family treasures in the celebration. You were at all of my favorite Memphis haunts and it sounds like you had a wonderful time despite Mother Nature!