The Fashionable Fig

Is it just me or is the fiddle leaf fig the current fashion trend in houseplants?

At the design bloggers conference I attended in Atlanta last month it seemed as if every slide of every interior contained a fiddle leaf fig.

Just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming this up I conducted a little research and look what I found…

fiddle leaf fig in design

have to say I love everything about this…

fiddle leaf fig in design

a comfy spot to relax…

fiddle leaf fig in design

just plain pretty…

fiddle leaf fig in design

now here is a garden room I could spend some time in…

fiddle leaf fig in design

and talk about an office…

fiddle leaf fig in design

I have three indoor figs here OPP but mine are of the weeping variety.

…and let me tell you they weep…

they get a mite on the underside of their leaves and sticky stuff drips all around the plant


So, I got to thinking perhaps I should consider a change from weeping to fiddle leaf.  I do like the broad violin shaped leaves and the shape of the tree.  Then I read that they are prone to the same bugs and diseases as the weepers so I suppose my three are safe for now.

One of the plants we received as a house-warming gift when we took up residence here some 21 years ago so I do have somewhat of a soft spot for that one.

How about you?

Weeping or fiddle leaf?

Cammie could care less…


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  1. I love both and nothing brings a room to life more that a little green. Seeing this trend with the fiddle leaf fig, I purchased one about 6 months ago. I placed it by my fireplace and loved it. Turns out it was not happy because it did not get enough light. I may try another one in a sunny spot soon!

    • says:

      I think I am going to have to try one also! Let me know how it does after you move it.