Artist Laurin Stennis

My neighbor and fellow Pinehurst Place resident, Laurin Stennis, is an artist who has been influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and East Asian woodblock printing…


 I love the way she describes her creations as “the love children of Walter Anderson and Flannery O’Connor”…


I am excited to tell you about one of her latest creations – a limited edition (50) linoleum block relief print…


The print will be available April 13th at the celebration of what would have been Miss Welty’s 105th birthday.  The purchase of one of these prints may be made exclusively through the Eudora Welty House Museum.

The price is $105.00 for a 9×12 unframed print.  Half of the proceeds from the print sales are being donated to the Museum!  Awesome!

You may call to reserve a print 601-353-7762.

go ahead, make the call…


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  1. Margaret Tohill says:

    Lauren is incredibly talented, as well as brilliant & very witty! Her art is amazing! As always, dear neighbor, absolutely love ur blog!