The Wonderful Thing About Blogging

The wonderful thing about blogging,  well ONE of the wonderful things about blogging, is the connection I get to make with friends both old and new and some I haven’t even met in person yet!

Invariably, one of you surprises me with a comment or a phone call telling me about something you saw on the blog that resonated.  I also love the photographs that readers share with me now that they know a few of my personal preferences!

Today I am passing along a couple of shares that really resonated with me!

My friend, Lind Bussey, was traveling north on I-55 headed to Memphis when she spotted this…

Cocepia Moth


She even sent along the identifying information.

 a Cocepia Moth, the largest native North American moth…

Cocepia Moth

Amazing, right?

Thanks Lind for that share and feel free to pass along any of your amazing finds anytime!

Next up, my friend Carol Threadgill’s neighbor is apparently expecting four new feathered friends and Carol expertly captured the beauty of the incubator…

Nest with eggs

What an awesome photograph that just captures the essence of spring!

Thanks for sharing that one and ditto to the above about sharing!

both of you should get a  little waft of rose fragrance today…

quote giving

have a wonderful Sunday and remember “sharing is caring”…


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