On The Bookshelf: Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

Garden Inspirations by Charlotte Moss is my current bookshelf obsession…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

I knew I would love it but let me tell you, I really, really love it!

I love the way the book is divided into sections…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

There is a plan percolating in my imagination right now about a garden room addition here OPP and I have been poring over this…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

I have a wonderful garden helper and he and I spent a bit of time this week climbing through unruly shrubs and standing in what is now no-mans land dreaming up our new room.

the new space will definitely incorporate…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

I’m also planning for hosting my supper club this weekend and  have spent some time here…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

My favorite section though is this…

Charlotte Moss Garden Inspirations

Women, one could say, have defined the history of the garden.  By cultivating their own patch of earth, or those of others, they have cooked what they have grown and provided herbs and plants that aided in the health and welfare of others.

Nicely said!

This section is devoted to some of my heroes like Edith Wharton, Bunny Mellon, Nancy Lancaster and Empress Josephine among many others.  Having a thumbnail sketch of these icons all in one place will be something that I access again and again!

I am a huge Charlotte Moss fan and am thrilled to have this book as a reference.  Run out and grab a copy even if you aren’t a gardener, you won’t be sorry!

There are many reasons for my admiration of her but you know the most important is…


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  1. I just received that book as well. Talk about inspiration! I have such a long way to go with my new yard but the process is so much fun. Several new beds are about to be created in the next few weeks.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      You have made great strides in your yard already but it seems like there is always something else to be done right? This book is definitely inspiration for going ahead with projects that have only been in my head until now!

  2. Thank you..books are a labor of love..I am theilled to see it being
    Enjoyed ..xoxo charlotte moss