Happy May Day

Happy May Day!

May Day evokes fond memories here OPP, for you see, the tradition at our elementary school was a full school performance of dances, class by class, culminating in the wrapping of the May Poles by the “graduating” fourth graders!

 refrigerator magnets remain to this day…


as do daughter’s head pieces – colorful for May Day and white for graduation day…

May Day

and so you see, this day is full of fond memories for me!

We are no longer rushing to school early in the morning to place our lawn chairs in prime spots.  Nor are we frantically rushing around mid-afternoon making sure everyone has all the pieces to their costume.  However, the beginning of the month of May is still as sweet to me as it always was…

May Day

Happy May Day…

May Day

and good luck if you’re wrapping a May Pole…


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  1. Leslie Cox says:

    Awww, fond memories of the same tradition here, as well… And what a glorious day the Lord has given us to celebrate Spring!!!! …seems impossible that my little 2nd grade granddaughter and MayDay performer will be wrapping that MayPole in only two years!… Happy Spring everyone!!!

  2. Carolyn Ruth Stancill says:

    In Laurel, St. John’s Day School has participated in an all school May Day festival since 1951. The sixth graders danced the May Pole last Friday evening. It is a wonderful tradition. I danced the May Pole in 1963 and my three children danced the May Pole as sixth graders in 1992,93 and 96. It is a rite of passage.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      It surely is that! I loved all the years of watching the children dance and wrap the May Poles.