Alien Invasion

Okay, I was totally aware of the invasion of the cicadas but was unprepared for the siren sound I heard when I visited a friend’s garden in Madison county last week.  I guess the noise of city life muffles the sound because I had not heard it here OPP.  And to be perfectly honest I have only seen a few of the aliens in and around my garden.  I think that spending 13 years underground must increase the odds of their presence in the country locale.

At any rate, the alien invasion is not to be ignored.

Proof:  floral design and photography by my friend Carrie Ann…

cicada invasion 2015

in my friend’s garden in Oxford last weekend…

cicada invasion 2015

cicada invasion 2015

posing for me in my friend’s garden in Madison…

cicada invasion 2015

have you been invaded by the aliens?…

dog alien

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  1. I think they finally stopped the siren sound as of yesterday afternoon! It has been amazing! The loudest group I heard were at LT’s house. They must have really liked her garden!

  2. Oops! Wrong! I just opened the door and they are at it again! They did totally stop during the rain yesterday afternoon.

  3. In Maryland we have the cicada invasion every 17 years…I have lived through two invasions since becoming a resident of the state. It is like nothing I have ever seen or heard. Our last was 2004, we are due again in 2021. I might have to take a month long vacation during the next invasion.

    • says:

      Whew! I have never heard anything like it. I think I would plan that month long vacation if I were you!