Roy Strong and the Remaking of a Garden

I have been reading about the restoration of the gardens at The Laskett in Herefordshire, England, and I am in love with the entire thing!

Created by Roy strong and his wife, Julia Trevelyan Oman,  Strong describes it as “the portrait of a marriage.”  The pair worked for thirty years carving out what is truly an autobiographical and historical garden…


Sadly, by the time Julia died the garden was overgrown and in need of a major culling.  In 2004, photographer, Clive Boursnell was asked to capture the garden in all four seasons by  Country life magazine.  Sir Roy and Mr. Boursnell collaborated to restore and document the gardens.  Their book, Remaking a Garden The Laskett Transformed, is the beautifully written and photographed documentation of their efforts.

Here’s what grabbed me – Sir Roy’s message for all garden makers – “Do not be afraid to change your garden – indeed to be quite brutal to it – in order to give it new energy and excitement.”  He just gave me the permission to do what I was already doing without any qualms!

Believe me, he knows a thing or two about making a garden!


The book chronicles the transformation with before, during and after pictures.

The Silver Jubilee Garden…


The garden is divided into many different rooms and paths each with it’s own name such as The Arts Garden, Tatiana’s Walk, Elizabeth Tudor Walk and the Yew Garden, to name a few.

His story is an inspiration and I am loving everything about it…


I hope you are able to embrace change in your garden too…


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