A couple of weeks ago I got a pleasant surprise when I found out that I was the winner of a Kerri Rosenthal painting!

Kerri started painting about six years ago and says “I let the colors direct my movement on the canvas. ”  Since that time her work has attracted many clients and she works with them in her interior design business bringing their visions to life…

kdhamptons Kerri Rosenthal

(photo via

Kerri was offering a give-away over on Pretty Pink Tulips a blog I have been following for a while and absolutely love.

   It was fitting for the painting to be one of her tulips…

Kerri Rosenthal Art

I love the colors and knew that it would have a happy home in my lavender guest room…

Kerri Rosenthal Art

I love layering art work and mirrors…

Kerri Rosenthal Art

I’m not sure if this will be its permanent home but for today the tulip and I are happy!

Kerri Rosenthal Art

Kerri’s art is colorful and cheerful and any piece would add a bold splash of color to a room as well as bring a smile to your face!

Hop over to her website and enjoy her many and varied offerings.

Pay a visit to Elizabeth at Pretty Pink Tulips where you will always find something pretty – you’ll be glad you did!

Thanks Elizabeth and Kerri, I’m so happy that I was the winner!

dog winner

( – ugly dog contest)

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  1. Beautiful! You found the perfect place for it!