On The Bookshelf: Dear Carolina

I finished reading Dear Carolina yesterday and it was one of those books that I didn’t want to end because I knew that I was going to miss the characters so much!…


(book cover photo from sarahsarna.com where Kristy is a contributor – I bought the ebook so didn’t have a cover photo!)

The debut novel, written by Kristy Woodson Harvey, is an authentically southern tale that bounces back and forth between the two main characters – Jodi and Khaki – both writing to baby Carolina.

Kristy and her mother, Beth Woodson, are the team behind the delightful blog Design Chic


(photo from their website)

they had me at this…

“We believe in candles and flowers, moldings and music and using your fine china every day.”


The novel centers around the two main characters, both facing difficulties of their own but willing to  make the sacrifices and compromises necessary to ensure the wellbeing of baby Carolina.  Kristy’s writing is lyrical and, at least to me, appears effortless.  The multigenerational cast of characters welcome you into their lives and homes to the point that you feel a part of the family immediately.  There are so many inspirational nuggets of wisdom from each character but here is a favorite of mine…

“It makes me think a’ my grandma, how she shown me that, even when everyone on this green, wide earth lets you down, the ground, it won’t never disappoint you.  It just keeps on given’ in ways you never could’ve expected.”  Jodi in Dear Carolina


While this is an easy read there is so much hidden wisdom in the story that I wanted to take it slow and highlight things that called out to me for future reference.

Put it on your bookshelf and take a summer spin with this delightful debut novel.  While you’re at it hop over to Design Chic where you are sure to find daily inspiration for living a beautiful life!

Happy Sunday…

puppy Sunday

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  1. Marsha… I loved it too and have recommended it to many of my friends.

  2. Marsha, thank you so, so much for sharing Dear Carolina with your readers! Wow! I’m so flattered by this gorgeous, gorgeous review. I so appreciate you taking the time to read my book and post about it. Happy Sunday!! xo Kristy