Another Great Garden

The last private garden I visited while in Newport this week was a real jewel.  Berta and Nate Atwater are the owners of a seaside property in Little Compton that comprises fifteen acres which they have transformed over the last fifty years.

In the 1960s Lloyd Lawton, a local landscape designer, helped the couple transform a rocky scrub-covered patch of land into a living art form….

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

Berta began working alongside Lawton and created the sculpted topiaries that accent the landscape…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

a brother-in-law offered the chimney accent and Berta readily accepted it into her garden…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

the borders are beautiful…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

the garden behind the house is a shady respite…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

loved the pot that they obtained from a Maine potter…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

a neighboring gardener said that this topiary looked like a mink stole…

Berta and Nate Atwater gardenBerta and Nate Atwater garden

she had even clipped leyland cypress into fingers accenting the view down to the sea…

Berta and Nate Atwater garden

A perfectly delightful couple, Nate gave up his large vegetable garden a year ago and Berta told us that she no longer climbs ladders to maintain her topiaries, these gardeners welcomed us into their domain and we were the lucky ones!

Happy Gardening!


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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place…that outdoor seating area is a place I would like to curl up with a good book.

    • says:

      It was indeed a beautiful place and we were lucky enough to enjoy a picnic lunch while we were there!