Back In The Saddle

After the trip of a lifetime to Newport, Rhode Island, and having overcome many traveling and technical obstacles on the way back to Jackson, I am finally back in the saddle again!

On the way out of Newport I encountered a glitch that rendered my trusty iPhone inoperable.  Thankfully I was traveling with a friend and not cut off from the rest of the world as her iPhone was fully operational!

Just as we got to the airport, flight cancellations began to light up the monitors up and down the gateway and those iPhones were in full command as folks hurried to make alternate travel plans.  We were most grateful to be able to make our way to Atlanta where we spent the night in relative comfort and hopped on an early flight to Jackson yesterday morning.

I was amazed at changes that had taken place in my garden during the eleven days I was gone.  Several new dahlias had been added to the mix and two had opened up their blooms to welcome me home…

Dahlia in the garden On Pinehurst Place

Dahlia in the garden On Pinehurst Place

Nikko blue hydrangeas had all faded to purples and greens but the limelight that was added last year is just starting its show…

limelight hydrangea in the garden On Pinehurst Place

There is much photo uploading and editing to be done following my trip to Newport and I’ll share it with you as I go along!

For now, I’m just glad to be back in the saddle again…

dog in saddle

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  1. Your trip, in photos looked wonderful. New England has so many beautiful places to visit. It is nice to be home and you have so many wonderful memories.