Foyle’s War


This just in – one of you turned me on to the English/World War II/Murder Mystery series Foyle’s War.


World War II is raging and police detective Christopher Foyle has been denied access to action so remains on duty in his quiet little town on the English coast.  (Did you like Murder She Wrote?)…

Foyle's War

Along with his driver Sam (Samantha) and sidekick Paul, war-related mysteries abound awaiting their sleuthing expertise…

Foyle's War


Cases of murder, espionage and treason await.  There is mystery.  There is history.  Oh and best of all there is period atmosphere!

Simply Splendid I say!

If it is too hot to play outdoors this weekend grab your remote and tune in to your Netflix account and settle down for an enticing round of entertainment watching Foyle’s War.

I’ve only begun the second series but look what’s coming…

Foyle's War


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  1. Hubster found this show for us last summer…we have really enjoyed it. I concur with your findings: splendid.