Lady Peas Salad

  The elegant little lady pea is the caviar of summer here OPP and yesterday I was off on a mission to find some.  This was easier said than done and it took me four stops at local farmer’s market stalls before I had my treasure in hand.  The Lady Peas Salad pictured on the cover of Martha Hall Foose’s book Screen Doors and Sweet Tea seemed like the perfect supper for a hot summer night…

Lady Peas Salad

I met up with a friend who was on the exact same mission at stop number two.  After being told that if it didn’t rain soon the last crop of lady peas for this season would not come in, we were both fairly despondent.  It turns out that her family and mine both consider lady peas a must have component for both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and we were about to have missed the opportunity for packing some away in our freezers.  I went ahead and bought the pink-eyed peas and headed home to just make do when a fairly new stand that I had never visited caught my eye and I wheeled in for a final attempt.  Voila!  The last sleeve of lady peas in the stand was in my hot little hands and headed home with me, but not before I returned and shared part of my find with my friend!

I passed a couple of pleasant hours in my kitchen preparing the salad for supper and blanching the remainder of the peas for stashing in my freezer…

the salad was perfect…

Lady Peas Salad

recipe here

Have a great weekend…

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  1. Leslie Cox says:

    Indeed, lady peas are a “staple” of our “Southern-ness”!!! SO glad you were able to find them – they are jewels. I remember being so excited as a child during the Summer when the lady peas “came in” and were part of a special mid-week “dinner” served on my Mamaw’s big ol’ dining room table. Thanks for sharing this adventure and glad it proved successful – for you AND your friend!

    • says:

      Such a sweet southern story! I was thrilled to find them and they were delicious as always!