La Cigale


The bright colors of french provencal table linens caught my eye while I was strolling around the Newport Flower Show in June…

La Cigale Mt. Gretna PA

(this is not the booth in Newport – I was moving so fast I didn’t even snap a photo)

 I had less time than I wished to linger in the show’s boutique so I grabbed a business card to help  me remember the shop.

the catchy name would have been hard to forget…

La Cigale Mt. Gretna PA

Friends, I am so happy that I stumbled across them because the story behind the business makes the beautiful linens even more appealing.

John and Nancy left the tire business behind when they made the decision to start La Cigale.  Having hosted exchange students from France over the years, the couple became close friends with several families who continued to visit back and forth.  When their french friends came to visit there were always requests for provencal tablecloths to be brought along.  One student’s mother made the prediction that when John left the tire business he would become a proprietor of french table cloths.  His response was “yeah, right!”

John and Nancy…

La Cigale Mt. Gretna PA

The same mother, while visiting Mt. Gretna, commented on the singing cicadas during an evening walk and declared that the business in their future had found its name!

In Southern France, the Cicada, “La Cigale,” is a sign of good fortune. Its image can be found in jewelry, on pottery, on soap, and even in a tablecloth design.

All of their fabrics come from a family owned sewing shop in France…

La Cigale Mt. Gretna PA

They offer a wide variety of cloths and accessories and will also make custom-sized tablecloths and runners.

Each pattern is so pretty is would be hard to choose…

La Cigale Mt. Gretna PA

But I don’t think you could make a mistake!

The photos all came from their website and you should hop over and enjoy everything they have to offer.  While you’re there take the time to read the entire story, you’ll be glad you did!

website here

the rest of the story here

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend…

dog tablecloth

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