Mahabis Slippers

My trusty Ugg slippers have taken me through I can’t remember how many years and it has been past time to replace them.  I ran across Mahabis slippers and everything about them appealed to me.

The company is London based and the product is made in Portugal with an Italian sole.

their mission:

“The most mundane products can impact our daily well-being. we are driven by the belief that by improving these small everyday experiences, we can better the whole.”


The slippers are wool and a detachable rubber sole allows you to go from house to street without worry…


the sole snaps in place…


The unisex slipper is perfect for anyone!

I love all the color choices…


I think they are going to just right…


visit the website here

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  1. I love my Ugg slippers. I hope I get another year from my pair. The Mahabis look comfy.