Artisti Carol Pigott

I told you last year about artist Carol Pigott  you can click here if you missed it    Being a fan of Eudora Welty’s writings, she received Ms. Welty’s permission early in her career to paint her own visual images from Welty’s words.

Her latest work is inspired by the short story “A Still Moment” from The Wide Net and Other Stories.

charcoal study…


“It was the hour of sunset.  All souls that he had saved
and all those he had not took dusky shapes in the mist that
hung between the high banks, and seemed by their great number
and density to block his way and showed no signs of melting or
changing back into mist, so that he feared his passage was to
difficult forever.”
completed painting…
I’m missing my regular weeding in the Welty Garden today as I make my way to Italy with a group of friends.
I have updated my phone since my last trip so hopefully will be able to keep you posted via instagram, I’d love to have you follow along!…
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