# Pope Dog

Perhaps the Papal visit was more meaningful to me having just returned from a visit to the Vatican, but I found myself glued to all of the goings on this week.

Now, I don’t want you to think that this is all I took away from the monumental happenings, but the #popedog postings were just so much fun…

pope dog


it seems that folks all over were commemorating the Pope’s journey to America by getting their pooches in on the celebration…

@pumpernickleplus pope dog

instagram post from @pumpernickleplus

every one I spotted was cuter than the last…

bbc.com pope dog




scoopnest.com pope dog


Stephen Dost image cr, pope dog

Stephen Dost

What a memorable event!

Were you as captivated by the Papal visit as I was?

looks like the first dog was…


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