Mrs. Blandings

One thing I love about blogging is discovering other blogs that inspire.  Mrs. Blandings is a favorite and I have been following her for quite a while.   As an accomplished writer and editor, Mrs. Blandings‘ blog is one that I always read when it shows up in my email…

mrs. blandings2

Go check out her blog and discover the significance behind the dog ball in her header!

click here

you’ll also enjoy the story behind the naming of her blog – hint the 1940’s movie Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House!

She took a bit of a hiatus from blogging and I found myself really missing her musings on life, design and Kansas City (a place I have not visited.)  Recently I’ve been happy to see more posts from her and especially was excited to find out that she had decided to pursue designing needlepoint kits.

You know how I am about needlepoint!

Her designs are available at KC Needlepoint in Kansas City.  All are hand painted and I understand can be customized.  For instance, one needlepointer asked about a bee in place of the butterfly…

mrs blandings1

I didn’t move quickly enough (maybe that has something to do with the fact that I have two canvases going right now) but my favorite, the peacock, I think has sold out…

mrs blandings3

I’m wondering if there will be a re-issue or if the canvases will be an ever-changing offering.

Mostly, I’m just thrilled for Patricia Shackelford, aka Mrs. Blandings, and her newest endeavor!


dog and champagne

photos are from her website

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