Soup on Sunday

I’ll be in Montreal as you are reading this and hopefully I will have found some delicious new soups along the way!

At a recent Garden Club of Jackson meeting a member brought along two boxes of fresh shiitake mushrooms free for the taking…

Shitake mushrooms

Not only did I grab a bag full, I was able to request a home grow kit which will be delivered at our November meeting.  You can claim yours by clicking here

We should have a batch of fresh mushrooms just in time for Thanksgiving!

Before even leaving the meeting I knew that some mushroom soup would be in the making OPP and of course I headed right to my favorite cooking guru for the recipe!

click here for Ina Garten’s Cream of Mushroom Soup

I love leeks and this recipe was full of them…

Ina Garten Cream of Mushroom Soup

 I used all shiitake mushrooms since I had that bag full of treasure…

Ina Garten Cream of Mushroom Soup

 I adapted the recipe a little bit, using some fat free half and half, and it was delicious…

Ina Garten Cream of Mushroom Soup

I’ll be nurturing my kit when it arrives in hopes of serving this for Thanksgiving!

my advice to you is to grab a grow kit and get with it…

dog and mushroom

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  1. Soup looks yummy! Enjoy your time in Montreal.