It’s A Wrap

Ok, if you know me at all then you know how I am about wrapping presents for any occasion, but especially for Christmas.  It’s been kind of hectic around here – number one son’s birthday was yesterday – so all the holiday prep had to come to a stand still momentarily!



now, on to the subject at hand…

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

I love the faux bois paper I found this year…

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

It is from The Container Store (as is all of the gift wrap in this post) and the texture is nice and easy to work with…

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

I’m picky about gift wrap and there are only a few select shops that I will take up on the offer of gift wrapping.  What about you?  Would you rather have all the wrapping done for you or would you rather hand pick your wrapping paper and accessories?

I was thrilled with the hound themed wraps this year and couldn’t decide which one to use so ended up with both…

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

I’m not finished but I’ve made a pretty big dent…

Christmas gift wrap On Pinehurst Place

how is it going for you…

dog with wrapping paper1


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  1. Kandy sims says:

    Love that pic of Mr dr and baby !!! Your papers are the bom too!!

  2. One of the many things that I love about you is that you put the same effort wrapping a $10 gift as you do a $100 gift. And it is always creative and beautiful! Mine on the other hand….

  3. I LOVE the faux wood…wish I could justify buying some, I have yards and yards of wrapping paper. My #1 son’s b-day is Sunday…gotta love the Decmber birthdays.

    • says:

      Another thing we have in common, yes the December birthday is tricky but fun! I hope you are out of school and enjoying a holiday break!