Victorian Hair Combs

I’ve never given much thought to hair combs before but I find myself brainstorming for another one of those Botanical Arts Things!

 I’ve entered another flower show and will be creating a hair comb for this one.

Soooo, Victorian hair comb is appearing regularly in my browser these days.  They’re not as easy to find as you might think.  Apparently the folks who could afford to wear diamonds in their hair preferred to go with the all out tiara over the simpler hair comb.

here are a few examples I’ve come up with…

hair comb1

hair comb2

hair comb3

hair comb4


hair comb wanelo

I could get inspired by these modern day combs created as bridal accessories…

hair comb indulgy


hair comb

or maybe I could just go with one of my favorites…

hair comb succulent

enough with this – I’ve got to get back to addressing all those Christmas cards…

dor writing

enjoy your weekend…


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  1. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I know it will be beautiful! I love the pearl one……and the butterfly fits in with the pollinator initiative!