A Paper Calendar

At the risk of ruining my reputation as a highly tech-savvy blogger (teehee) I have a confession to make…

I have returned to using a paper calendar!

Well there you have it.

I was a failure at keeping my calendar in the cloud.

I tried.

I really tried.

I have gone back to writing out my appointments and keeping my calendar the old fashioned way.  I didn’t just jump into this without doing my research though.  Here’s what I ended up with, Whitney English’s product

The Day Designer…

The Day Designer

for starters it comes in this beautiful tiffany-blue box…

The Day Designer

I have not fully mastered this yet.  The product encourages daily planning and even includes space for recording daily gratitude which I find most appealing…

The Day Designer

But, I am already loving it.  There’s something about placing events on paper and then flipping over to them every so often just to get you through the ordinary days…

The Day Designer

it builds excitement for me…

The Day Designer

what about you?

paper or cloud?…


I’d love to know…


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  1. Paper for this gal!!! Love your calendar!

  2. Julie Levanway says:

    DEFINITELY paper calendar!!!!!!!! I’m visual. . .I have to look at a piece of paper to plan and coordinate the day. And BTW. . .Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is up for next year.

  3. I second paper, too!! If I write it down, it is stamped in my mind. I, in fact, have two paper calendars–one I keep at my desk and one I keep with me. Mine are not so prettty as Marsha’s. The one I keep with me is bright tomato red so I can always spot it and the other is more utilitarian.

    • mnestorc@aol.com says:

      It is already feeling like I have more control over my days! I am also loving being able to do a little drawing in it!

  4. Kandy sims says:

    So proud of you Marsha! You know I’m a huge paper fan!!! Some things need to stay forever!! Go girl!!❤️

  5. I got the same planner from my #1 for Christmas. I love it!! Enjoy your week.