Flowers For a Friend

I said a fond farewell to a friend this week and her sweet family asked me to provide a flower arrangement for the visitation/luncheon.  I was thrilled and set out to find just the right flowers to use in celebration of this extraordinary life.  Commemorating the life of such a gentlewoman could have been a daunting task but flowers have a way of speaking their own language.

Blues and whites were what caught my eye as I strolled through the cooler – they almost seemed to be calling out “take me, take me” and so I did!

blue and white delphinium as graceful as she…

blue and white flower arrangement

blue and white hydrangea as beautiful as she…

blue and white flower arrangement

white David Austen roses fragrant and as sweet as she…

blue and white flower arrangement

blue and white flower arrangement

and as I was putting it all together it was as if I had one last tete a tete with my sweet friend…

blue and white flower arrangement

She would’t have wanted me calling attention to her – she was just like that – but perhaps she’ll forgive me this one time!  A regular reader here OPP, a regular in the pew at church, a regular at a monthly luncheon club, none will be the same without her presence!

Happy Homecoming sweet friend!

rest easy…



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  1. So sorry for your loss, sweet friend. This post and the flowers are a beautiful tribute.

  2. Beautiful words…Beautiful photos… Thank you for sharing!

  3. Rebecca Collins says:

    Just beautiful….and so appropriate.

  4. Oh I love this arrangement. What a great way to greet a friend.