The Danish Girl

January usually finds me scrambling to see all of the Oscar nominated films before the trophies are presented.  In keeping with this tradition, last weekend I dashed out to see The Danish Girl before it disappears from the Jackson movie scene…


I’m glad I did since I was one of about five folks in the theater.  As I said, it probably won’t last long around here.  A true story always appeals to me and wow was this ever a story.  The film is, in a word, heart wrenching but love and friendship  won the day in my opinion.

The scenery was stunning…


costumes and sets were spectacular…


oh, and the pet of choice didn’t hurt anything either…


I still have a few more films to check off the list but we’re working hard at it…


If you’re scrambling like me I wish you good luck!


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  1. I thought it was well done and Eddie Redmaine was great in the role. Nobody was in my theater either. Have you seen Brooklyn? I LOVED it. Enjoy your week!

    • says:

      Totally agree and I hope he wins the Oscar! Brooklyn is next on my list and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  2. Be sure to see Spotlight. We went last night & it was sooo good.