Flower of the Month

One goal I had for my garden this year was to add in some of the French Roman hyacinths that I love so much.  Early on I sat with my catalogue and finally decided on three bulbs.  My bulb go-to, Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, was the destination for this order.

I’m happy to report that the wild French Roman hyacinths have arrived here OPP!

My first choice was non-scripta ‘Bakkum Blue’ and it has been the best performer so far!

The multiple bloom stalks look like fairy wands and the scent is just sweet enough…

french roman hyacinth

next up is Carnegie, a denser spike of creamy white flowers…

french roman hyacinth

this one is a little farther along…

french roman hyacinth

I had to have a pink so I went for hispanics ‘Queen of Pinks’ which are not performing quite as well as the others but I do have some flowers…

french roman hyacinth

These beauties should just get better and better as they naturalize through the years.  Now that I know I can successfully grow them, I’ll probably add a few more next year just for a bigger show!

What’s new in your garden?

hyacinths I hope…

dog and hyacinth


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM reminds me of my grandmother/ they look as if they are smiling up and speaking to you… saying hold on Spring is soon! ADORABLE THANKS