One Fun Thing I Did Yesterday

I know I’ve told you that one of my favorite go-to books for design inspiration is One Man’s Folly by Julia Evans Reed.  Reed chronicles design genius Furlow Gatewood’s restoration of his family carriage house in Americus, Georgia.  If you don’t have it run out and get a copy quick!  I love everything he has done right down to the smallest details, one of which I commenced to copy…


See those two little lamps perched in front of the bookcases?  Gatewood employs what I call the “ping pong paddle display shelf” in several spots around his compound.  So clever!  My friend and carpenter extraordinaire Jeff Becker was called upon to create my shelves and I think they turned out perfectly…


He had them constructed several weeks ago but yesterday I finally got around to giving them a little glitz with chalk paint and gold leafing…


The adorable lamps have been awaiting these perfect perches for quite a while now.  I found them on one of the Madcap Cottage gents pop up sales on One Kings Lane.  When I picked up my paint earlier in the week, the sales clerk told me that several people had been trying to buy my cute lamp shade!  I had left it there for some paint mixing help since I wanted to try to match the grosgrain ribbon and there wasn’t a premixed color that would do.

They are right at home here OPP and I couldn’t be happier…


What are you doing for fun?…



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  1. leslie dement cox says:

    Oh, how you ALWAYS inspire me!!!!! The lamps and shades are adorable, the “ping pong paddle” displays are perfect – your paint color and gold leafing lovely – and Jeff is surely a master of his trade! I DO have the book, prompted by you when you featured it months ago. It “lives” by my bed and brings me such joy while browsing through its now well-worn pages. As always, thank you for taking me to such places of joy through your sharing. (I’ve been “in the garden” – again inspired by you and your “sharings”; creating beds, laying rock drainage trenches, and hatching a plan for Fall vegetable and flower beds! – any thoughts on preference for pathways – finely ground slag or tiny pea gravel?)

  2. Anne Guion says:

    What a nice reading corner you have! The lamp holders and pretty lamps worked out great! One Man’s Folly is a great book!!!(A must read!)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Beautiful!!!!

  4. Pryor B Lampton says:

    they look like original to the space. You are amazing!

  5. What a great idea; adorable and useful!