The Frozen Empire on the Bookshelf

Hello friends, hopefully 2017 is off to a good start for all of you!  I’ve got my feet back on the ground and can’t wait to tell you about a trio of books that I have been enjoying.  Part biography, part historical fiction and part total fiction, all three have captivated me!

Knowing about the actual historical events is always a place I like to start before going down the “what if” roads of historical or pure fiction and so here is where I would begin…


“A tale of power, perseverance and passion…a great story in the hands of a master storyteller.” – Wall Street Journal

Continuing down this historical road I’ll probably move on to Robert Massie’s Peter The Great, Nicholas and Alexandra, and The Romanovs.

The amazing story of an obscure German princess who, by sheer determination, becomes one of the most remarkable women in history is spellbinding.  I listened to the audio version of this book and quite by accident began reading The Secret Wife simultaneously…


This is one of those “here and then” books that takes you from 1914 Russia on the brink of collapse to 2016 and an English journalists escape from London following a devastating revelation.

In 1914 Grand Duchess Tatiana meets and falls in love with a cavalry officer while working as a nurse during the war.  Forward to 2016 Kitty Fisher is lured to a cabin in America after inheriting it from her long lost grandfather.  There she discovers a jeweled pendant that will lead her to unlocking a family secret.

With a minimum of digging I discovered that indeed the love story of 1914 is one of those “what-ifs” that could have been true!  Tatiana and her officer really did meet in a wartime hospital…


Yes, that is him in the wheelchair with her directly behind him!  Well, that was more than enough to grab my attention!

read more about the real Dmitri Malama in a great blog post here

And last but not least, let me highly recommend my favorite read of 2016…


Post war in Moscow, this is the tale of an aristocrat sentenced to life imprisoned inside the Metropol Hotel.  Truly one of the most beautiful books I have ever read!

use the long winter days to catch up on a bit of history and be entertained to boot…



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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Loved “A Gentleman In Moscow.” Enjoy your week.