Salad Days

Salad Days is a hydroponic farm in Flora, MS, that specializes in growing pesticide-free produce and is able to supply warm season crops such as several varieties of tomatoes, lettuce and basil nearly 365 days a year. Family owned and operated by my friends, Jamie Redmond and Leigh Bailey…


They need our help in obtaining a FedEx Small Business Grant.  The grant will be given based on a contest with the small business that receives the most votes winning!  So please go vote!

Click here for their website where you will be easily transferred to the contest.  Each person may vote once per 24 hour period so visit the site and vote often!

Here are some reasons these folks are so deserving of this award!

The 18,000 square feet of greenhouses produce the equivalent of about 5-6 acres of field grown produce…

photo 11A

isn’t this amazing…


Produce grown in greenhouses is less susceptible to pests and disease but I love what they do when the need arises.  Beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings are brought in to fight the battle instead of relying on pesticides.  Oh and the tomatoes are pollinated by Bumble Bees!




Growing indoors also means that bad weather and crazy temperature swings like we have been having don’t affect their produce…



 They deliver locally year round!

I love what they are doing and obviously I’m not alone…


(all photos supplied by Leigh Bailey)

Please take a minute to click over and support this wonderful local small business…




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  1. Hi Marsha,
    I voted for them, hope they win. I like to support small businesses, especially when food is involved. Next time I am in Jackson I will check out their farmer’s market. Those tomatoes are beautiful. Happy Spring!


  2. Jane Alexander says:

    Very cool idea! Wish I were closer to utilize it!